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Project /Programme Delivery & Acceleration

Our team of industry-experienced Programme & Project managers, Delivery managers, SPCs and RTEs can lead your business or technology initiatives, guiding and coaching your team, and build up your in-house SAFe and delivery capability.

Agile Transformation Support

Our SAFe SPCs can guide & support your Agile transformation, developing a plan aligned with your company’s vision, goals, and culture, assist you in implementing the plan, and provide ongoing coaching, mentoring & assessments for a successful transformation.

Coaching & mentoring for Agile teams

With ongoing coaching and mentoring from our SPCs, your teams can apply SAFe principles and practices effectively, address challenges in real time, and embed SAFe into your company’s culture. This continuous support will increase your team’s capability and drive ongoing improvements.

OKR (Objectives & Key Results) Workshops

Our OKR workshops will help align everyone in the organisation to focus on the same set of objectives and results, provide clarity of the goals and how they will be measured, and create a culture of accountability and ownership.

SAFe Training (Public)

Join our upcoming public SAFe training events and embark on a collaborative learning journey with professionals from diverse industries. You’ll have the opportunity to network, share knowledge and experiences, and gain valuable insights into applying SAFe.

SAFe Training (In-House)

With in-house SAFe training, our trainers will bring the content to life with examples specific to your company’s unique context. Your teams will learn SAFe within the context of your organization’s specific challenges and goals, making it more relevant and applicable to your business.

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Preethi Gunasekara

SAFe SPC / Transformation Programme Manager

Anastasiia Voroshilova

SAFe SPC / Project Manager

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